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All Pro Restoration works with all insurance companies. Our owner is Master Certified, and he personally trains all of our technicians. Everyone at All Pro Restoration is passionate about superior service with a smile – and that is the All Pro Difference!


All Pro Restoration offers a wide range of services. We have fresh water extraction and cleanup, sewage removal and cleanup, storm damage cleanup and carpet cleaning services.

Water Damage

Fresh water comes in many forms and can be just as damaging as sewage water. While the source is not nearly as “repulsive” as sewage water, if left for an extended period of time, fresh water can have the same effects as sewage water. Fresh water from a hot water source can be three times as damaging as cold water.

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Fire Damage

When a fire strikes your home, the trained and certified experts at All Pro Restoration understand that it can be an emotionally devastating time for you and your family.

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Mold Remediation

Mold can be visible or it can be air borne, or it can be both. Sometimes you can smell mold but not see it; or see mold and not smell it.

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Storm Damage

Storm damage can come from rain, hail, snow or rising creeks and rivers. Storm water often carries similar pathogens and bacteria as black water because it is seeping from the outside, in, so immediate action is critical.

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Appliance Water Damage

Appliances come in all shapes and sizes and can cause various different kinds of damage. Your water heater can be the most damaging because the water is hot and hot water can cause damage 3 times as fast as cold water. But keep an eye out for leaks from your fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and kitchen sink too!

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Carpet & Tile Cleaning

From emergency carpet cleaning or tile cleaning to a regular routine schedule, All Pro Restoration partners with ZEROREZ to provide you with the equipment necessary to get your carpets looking their best again.

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Asbestos & Lead Testing

Most people do not know how common it was to use asbestos years ago. It is frequently seen in older homes, and in previously undetected places. If you suspect the presence of asbestos or lead, you should immediately call an expert to have it tested. Lead and asbestos are dangerous to your health, and should be taken seriously.

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Soft Contents & Fabric Restoration

Cleaning fabrics and other soft materials requires special techniques and solutions in order to preserve the integrity of the material. From antique rugs to common clothing, All Pro Restoration can get your contents looking new again after a flood or fire incident.

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