Washing Machine Overflow

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Washing Machine Float Failures

Your washing machine is built with a float mechanism inside of it that works much like the float inside your vehicle’s fuel tank gauge. Sometimes these floats are electronic gauges and some or actual floats that you cannot see inside the machine; think of a buoy in the water. A washing machine float tells your washing machine when it is full and the water flow needs to stop, in order to prevent an overflow. Sometimes these floats are defective, or eventually fail due to time. When a washing machine float fails, it will cause a washing machine overflow. The washing machine no longer can detect the level of water therefore it keeps filling, waiting for the float to tell it to turn off the water flow. When a washing machine overflows, this water can cause damage to the flooring, walls, baseboards and other things that might be in the vicinity of the overflow.
Washing Machine Overflow
Washing Machine Overflow

Bacteria Found In Washing Machine Overflow Water

Because we wash our clothes to get rid of dirt and bacteria from everyday use, the water coming from your washing machine is actually not clean. The water contains bacteria that can provide a breeding ground for microbial growth, also known as mold. If not addressed immediately, materials such as carpet and pad will start smelling musty. Baseboards and drywall will begin to visually grow on the surface; this could take days or it could take weeks, but it will happen. Wood floors will buckle and warp and while the mold growth will not occur on the surface for many months, mold will begin to form underneath the wood floors; between the subfloor, paper backing and wood. .

Take Immediate Action

If possible, move as many of your personal belongings from the affected area as soon as possible. Wood furniture will stain the floors, particle board furniture will swell and be irreparable, textile materials will soak up the water and cause musty smells in as little as 24 hours. The important thing about a washing machine overflow is to make sure to call your 24/7 Restoration Professionals and have a technician help you with the cleanup as soon as possible. While the damage might look minimal at first assessment, there may be more than meets the naked eye.

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