Water Heater Failure or Leak

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We all depend on our water heater to provide us with water to take a shower, wash our hands, wash our dishes, give the kids a bath and so much more. We all know it takes a lot of water to drain the water heater of all the hot water. Imagine if all that hot water were no longer contained inside the water heater but now free flowing throughout your house. Imagine the damage!


Due to the fact that hot water is more damaging than cold, a hot water heater failure could cause up to three times the damage as any other appliance in your home. It not only saturates all the materials in your home, but the steam can cause secondary damage to pictures, wallpaper, door frames, and so much more. If your water heater fails, there is no stopping the gallons of water from flowing out. With a supply line, you can cut the water off to the main water supply. But if a water heater fails, all 30-50 gallons of water will continue to flow out until the tank is empty.


Cold water can form mold in as little as 72 hours, but hot water can form mold in as little as 24 hours! If you do not call now, the damages increase with each passing day. Moisture wicking occurs quicker, mold forms faster and due to steam secondary damages happen much faster.

If your water heater has failed, make sure to open any windows possible to allow the air to reach equilibrium – the sooner you can get the steam out, the better. Move your contents and important belongings, such as high end paintings, out of the area as quickly as possible. Finally, call your 24/7 Restoration Professionals. The quicker we can get onsite, the more likely we will be able to salvage your home and personal belongings.

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