Mold Remediation

All Pro Restoration works with all insurance companies. Our owner is Master Certified in Water Damage, which includes certifications in mold remediation, and he personally trains all of our technicians. Everyone at All Pro Restoration is passionate about superior service with a smile – and that is the All Pro Difference!

Mold Remediation

To some, mold and mildew removal is not that big of a deal and to others, mold and mildew removal is like saying a four letter word around a small child. To All Pro Restoration, mold is a serious matter that has to be taken just as seriously as any other hazardous material. We offer professional mold removal services that are unparalleled in the industry. Mold removal is the remediation of visual and airborne mold spores from inside a home or business. Mold comes in many colors, but the most commonly known mold is “black mold”. If not handled properly, mold can spread to other, unaffected parts of your home or business. All Pro Restoration specializes in black mold and toxic mold removal as well as the removal of thousands of other strands of mold.

Initial Mold Removal Assessment

If you have a concern with mold in your home or business, call All Pro Restoration for the best home mold inspectors. We will help determine if it is necessary to have a technician inspect the area. If the water source causing the mold is still of concern, we will send a technician that will use thermal imaging technology and moisture meters to determine the severity and threat of the continuance of mold growth.

Starting Mold Cleanup

Before ever proceeding with any mold removal, you should always have an industrial hygienist perform air sampling in order to determine how far the mold has spread throughout the home and to determine what kinds of mold have contaminated the house. Air sampling helps All Pro Restoration address all areas of the home that are affected, including air born infiltration of mold. All Pro Restoration partners with Weecycle Environme ntalfor all our air and tape lift sampling of mold.

Basement Mold Damage Cleanup And Removal

The biggest areas susceptible to mold damage is in the attic and basement of your home because of the added moisture in the area. Whether you have attic mold damage or basement mold damage, we have the equipment and experience to handle such infested areas. It’s critical that you higher a mold removal company that has what it takes to completely remove mold in basements and attics as well as all areas of your home. If left untreated, mold can spread to other areas increasing the cost of the damage not to mention it is unsightly to look at. We offer the best in basement mold cleanup and removal. Don’t let other mold damage companies and contractors fool you into thinking a job is done when it’s not. Mold can be a difficult thing to completely remove as there could be airborne particles as well as areas affected that may not be seen by the naked eye.

Your Trusted And Certified Mold Removal Company

If you think you might have a mold problem, don’t hesitate to call All Pro, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll be happy to perform a mold inspection and mold assessment to find the best course of action for your mold removal needs in Lakewood and Aurora, CO.

To read more about mold and the severity of mold, read our, “More About Mold” page.

Please note that only visual mold can be inspected in an initial onsite consultation. If air borne mold is suspected and no visual signs of mold are detected, an environmental air sample will be required in order to determine the severity of the mold contaminates.

Don’t let other mold damage companies and contractors fool you into thinking a job is done when it’s not.

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