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Minimizing the Spread of COVID-19 with the Proper Protocols and Services

Infectious Disease Cleaning and Sanitation

This is a stressful time for many. The pandemic has created havoc in every single industry and we’ve all learned just how contagious this disease is.

At All Pro Restoration, we offer Infectious Disease Cleanup services across Colorado. This is a service that has become absolutely crucial over the past several months. Learn how All Pro Restoration can help your business minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Responsibilities During COVID-19

First, individuals can practice caution as they interact with others and don the proper safety materials. These materials can range from masks to headgear, eyewear, and even specific hazmat suits for certain environments. People can also ensure to wash their hands, minimize contact with their face, and do what they can to keep their environments clean. But leaders and managers of business and public settings have more responsibilities when it comes to the current situation.

These managers, leaders, and frontline workers with authority must ensure to keep their environments clean and secure to minimize harm to public health. Stores and other sites have temporarily closed their locations due to outbreaks that arise from unclean environments, and we can help make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Seek Assistance With Professional Infectious Disease Cleanup Companies

Infectious disease cleanup companies serve a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19 by sanitizing businesses and homes.

All Pro Restorations has the privilege of using commercial-grade cleaning products that are in line with respected institutions to clean and fight against the COVID-19 virus. Our team uses the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep both us and you protected. To get your professional coronavirus cleaning service in Denver, contact our team today. Many businesses are in a state of panic at the moment due to uncertainty in the fight against COVID-19, but we are prepared to deal with this situation due to years of experience in cleanup and sanitation.

Our cleaning and disinfection services follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and we stay up to date on those guidelines, looking for any updates on standards in disease cleanup. We use only the best commercial restoration grade cleaning materials that are approved to handle both hard surfaces and soft materials.

If you feel that there is a need to clean and sanitize your home or business, contact All Pro Restoration today...

Asbestos Cleaning Denver CO

Asbestos Testing & Lead Testing – All Pro Restoration

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that the home you have invested your hard-earned money in is safe and secure for you and your family. Asbestos may not be one of the biggest concerns in your mind when you are considering a home purchase, but it is important that you understand what asbestos is, how it can adversely affect you and your family, the test that can be done to ensure your home is free from asbestos, and if asbestos testing comes back with a positive result, what needs to be done to rid your home of asbestos.

At All Pro Restoration, our asbestos testing and removal experts understand the importance of this service and the need for expediency in getting the test completed so that abatement can begin. We are available day or night, and date of the year so that your concerns about an asbestos test or remedy can be addressed as soon as possible.

Available Day or Night • 720-740-2657

Asbestos Testing & Lead Testing – All Pro Restoration

Popcorn ceilings like this often contain asbestos and should be handled with caution.

Why Get an Asbestos Test?

All-Pro Restoration technicians are asked on a daily basis why they need to test for asbestos and begin the asbestos abatement process as soon as possible. Most homeowners do not understand asbestos and do not realize how common the use of asbestos was (and actually still is) in homes and throughout the country until their home receives a positive test.

A Little History about Asbestos and the Need for Testing

While the importation of asbestos was halted in the late 1970s, asbestos was still being sold on the shelves all across the United States long after that date. Retailers were not about to lose profits and take those products off the shelf; they had to sell through them.

With that said, there is no way of knowing the date of when the use of asbestos materials actually stopped in the United States. Or, if a contractor temporarily retired from the construction industry but kept his supply of materials which may contain asbestos from the 1970s and started using those asbestos materials again years later.


Because of the uncertainty of whether or not the home might be asbestos-containing, the home restoration industry took to the practice of asbestos testing in every home before removing suspect asbestos-containing materials. In 2009, an insurance carrier issued a letter to all of their preferred contractors that asbestos testing was not necessary and therefore they would no longer be paying for the asbestos testing fees.

In response to this backlash on testing, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment issued a letter outlining that in the state of Colorado asbestos testing was mandatory, no matter the age of the home or date of construction. The only exception for this asbestos testing rule is if the contractor can produce a letter certifying that no Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) were used at the date of the construction of that home so no asbestos fibers would be present. However, this test moratorium is still only for homes newer than the October 12, 1988, date. To see a copy of the asbestos testing letter, click this link, Colorado State Letter for Asbestos Testing.

Asbestos Testing & Lead Testing – All Pro Restoration

Gold flecked materials like this vinyl flooring are often an indicator of asbestos-containing material (ACM) and an asbestos test should be done.

With all of this asbestos test information in mind, All Pro Restoration, according to state law, will conduct asbestos testing in any and every home, prior to removing any drywall or vinyl materials to ensure there are no asbestos fibers present. Some suspect insulation types and cove base mastics will also have to undergo asbestos testing prior to beginning the removal process.

All-Pro Restoration uses in-house Certified Building Inspectors for all of our asbestos testing and sampling. These Building Inspectors are specially trained at taking asbestos samples during the testing procedure in a safe manner that will not put any homeowners at risk during the test.

To provide an even better asbestos testing service, All Pro Restoration does not actually process any sample that is taken during testing from a job site. The home sample is dropped off at an independent testing lab, called Reservoirs Environmental, where the sample is processed for asbestos and results are returned to All-Pro Restoration via verbal and written results by a certain date.

This entire asbestos testing process and the results provide every homeowner with an unbiased analysis of the materials in their home. Each homeowner knows that they are being treated fairly; there is never a concern for inflation during the inspection of the scope of work when this independent asbestos lab testing process is used. You will know for certain from the results that asbestos abatement techniques are necessary for your home, and we are not trying to gouge you for unnecessary work.


Asbestos Testing & Lead Testing – All Pro Restoration

Patrick Rinfret & Laurie Coffel, All Pro Restoration’s Certified Building Inspectors for Asbestos and Lead

Lead is a toxic metal that was commonly used in buildings before the last couple of decades. It may be found in paint or sometimes other building materials and can seep into the water through lead pipes, which is dangerous for your health. Exposure to lead can result in adverse health effects including seizures, disabilities, learning or behavioral problems, and more. Children are most at risk for these effects, so a test should be done to ensure your family’s safety. It is important that if you suspect lead in your home, air, or water that you contact All Pro Restoration immediately for testing and inspection.

Facts & Health Effects of Lead

  • Lead exposure can harm children and even babies before they are born, leading to birth defects
  • Exposure to lead is not always obvious, and children may not exhibit symptoms of lead exposure
  • Lead can be ingested through the air, water, or  contaminated paint chips or soil
  • Childhood lead poisoning continues to be a major health problem in the US
  • Adults can also be affected, leading to high blood pressure, reproductive issues, nerve disorders, and more.

All-Pro Restoration provides inspection and testing services for the entire Denver, CO, area. We are certified by the EPS to conduct analyses and tests in homes and businesses in the area. The most common sources are:

  • Deteriorating lead-based paint
  • Lead contaminated dust
  • Lead contaminated residential soil

Lead paint has been banned by the federal government since 1978 (earlier in some states). However, homes built before this time are at risk of having lead as part of their structure and should be tested as soon as possible so that removal services can begin.

Call All Pro Restoration now for Lead Testing and Inspection!