Claims Process

How do I make a claim? Why should I make a claim?

For most homeowners, making a claim can actually be a scary process. Everyone’s biggest fear is being denied and having to pay for everything out of pocket. We are here to help you understand that it does not have to be scary. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

    1. A claim minimizes your out of pocket expenses – our goal is that you only pay for your deductible and for any upgrades you choose to have done when it comes time for reconstruction.
    2. A claim allows you to get it done right and not cut any corners in order to save money
    3. What do you pay your insurance for, if not to use it in your time of need?
    1. Call your insurance company’s Claim Center – this phone number can be found on your most recent bill, within your insurance app, online or our office can provide you with your Claim Center’s phone number (usually a toll free number).
    2. They will ask you a series of questions:
      1. When did it happen? Or when did you notice it? (Make sure to indicate to them that you noticed it no more than 72 hours ago.)
      2. What happened? (i.e. Pipe break, sewer line clog, toilet overflow etc.)
      3. Have you fixed the source?
      4. Do you need a restoration company? Make sure to let them know you have already hired one – All Pro Restoration – and provide them with our contact information
    3. Once these basic questions have been answered, the claim center will issue you a claim number. We need this claim number in order to work directly with your insurance company.
    4. An adjuster will be assigned to you within the next 1-2 business days.
    1. Our technicians cannot guarantee you coverage, however we are versed in seeing what types of losses are typically covered and typically are not covered. We can provide a general assessment of your loss and its likelihood of being covered.
    2. Your adjuster is the only person who can actually determine coverage on your particular loss.
    1. We recommend reaching out to a Public Adjuster before assuming this will be all out of pocket. Please see ask us about our Public Adjuster handout in which we can tell you more about why calling one will be in your best interest.
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