Common Causes of Water Damage

The Most Common Causes of Water Damage

Whether you live in a new construction setting or reside in an older home, your building and its components are always prone to water damage.

The reason is simple. While water damage is often related to the age of a structure, it is not limited to its related components’ weakness. There are several water damage causes that have nothing to do with how old your property might be.

That’s why you must pay attention to common water damage problems even when you live in a brand new home. Here are common causes of water damage and their related symptoms to help you along the way!

Roofing Issues

While it may jump out as an unconventional cause, roofing is one of the most significant contributors to many water damage scenarios. From standing water to gradual leakage, it opens doors to various problems that call for water damage restoration.

Ice Dams

In colder regions, snow often perches on the roof’s edges and turns into solid blocks of ice. These “ice dams” can then block water from running down the gutters and instead cause it to stand on your roof. Over time, this water can seep through your roofing materials and cause noticeable damage.

Water Leakage

If your roof is damaged, it can often give way to water leakage through different spots. Apart from causing moisture and mold along with your attic and walls, it can also deteriorate the roofing material itself. Due to age-related and weather-related issues, it is one of the most common water damage causes.

Clogged Gutters

If your gutters have an obstruction, they can cause water to overflow or stand within their structure. This excess water can then cause similar problems in the downspout as well as your home’s foundation. While being a seemingly small issue, it can cause significant water damage problems for your home.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are another common reason for causing water damage to all types of structures. Regardless of your home’s size, it can be prone to these risks and cause a world of problems after experiencing severe damage. While water damage restoration solutions can help, it’s prudent to know exactly when to call these services.


Hurricanes can often act as a significant contributor to water damage issues. With their excessive winds and destructive force, they can often disrupt your fixtures and damage your protective structures. In some cases, they may even cause flash flooding. That’s why it’s vital that you have a proper inspection done after experiencing this natural phenomenon.


Excessive rain or thunderstorms not only affect your home’s exterior, but also have the ability to damage its very interior. This often happens due to damaged roofs and walls. But sometimes, rainwater can also seep through your foundation or windows. To prevent related water damage causes, you must keep an eye out for excess moisture, mold, and mildew


Snowstorms are often related to wrapping your home in thick blankets of snow. But they can also cause significant water damage problems. In addition to causing the ice dam issue mentioned above, they can also block your gutters and freeze your plumbing. They also run the risk of destroying your roof and your windows. With this in mind, it’s critical to check your home after every snowstorm to see if it needs water damage restoration.

Plumbing Issues

For a large number of properties, plumbing related issues are one of the top reasons behind excessive water damage. As mentioned above, some of these reasons may stem from the age of the property. But that is not always the case.

Burst Pipes

A problematic yet typical reason behind water damage issues is frozen pipes for those living in colder regions. When water becomes too cold to pass through your plumbing, it can make way for water pressure issues before causing your pipes to burst. This can immediately cause significant water damage that is visible in the form of excess moisture or mold.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are another one of the most typical water damage causes. These pipes can often have the problem of old age behind them. But sometimes, natural disasters or poor quality plumbing can also cause this issue. If you notice changes in water pressure as well as moisture or mildew on your walls, it’s time to call for a professional inspection.

Damaged Pipes

Whether your pipes have gotten the brunt of a natural disaster or experience some blockage, they can cause intense moisture to your walls and floors. In many cases, they can also cause flooding in your property and cause extensive water damage problems. That’s why you need to perform frequent inspections to steer clear of these issues.

By knowing about these common causes of water damage and keeping frequent inspections in check, you can reduce your risks.

But when you run into issues, you can call All Pro Restoration for reliable water damage restoration solutions to help you through the challenge. These solutions can help you prevent significant losses to your property and belongings with their targeted processes and intensive recovery strategies...

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