Crawl Space Mold Removal Services

All Pro Restoration has the experience and skill needed for proper crawl space mold removal. It is essential that all mold is removed from your crawl space, not even specifically just visible mold, as even a small amount can spread quickly because it feeds upon your house’s structural components. Mold can be a result of water leaks or water damage in most cases, and can sometimes be signaled by a musty odor. A mold infestation is no joke, as exposure to mold can be serious and harmful to the health of you and your family. If the mold spores become airborne and enter your house, they can negatively impact the health of everyone inside of your home. Avoid health issues and work with a mold inspector that understands exactly what to look for, what different types of mold look like, and what to do about them.

This is why it is important to choose reputable crawl space mold removal companies such as All Pro Restoration to remove the mold issue from your crawl space. Learn the steps we take to remedy the situation below.

Providing Crawl Space Mold Remediation Services

This type of treatment is very delicate because there are several steps involved in order to successfully remove the mold from your crawl space. All sources contributing to the mold must be remedied; this includes eliminating all sources of water and moisture, as well as removing organic material where mold likes to grow, including sheet-rock and wood.

After the sources of the mold have been eliminated, the mold professionals at All Pro Restoration utilize cleaners, chemicals, and special equipment in order to ensure the mold remediation in your crawl space is complete so that all mold is completely removed and new mold spores cannot grow there. As mentioned above, if mold remains behind, it can endanger the health of your entire family. Our team will ensure that there is no presence of mold remaining when we are finished.

We then do our best to ensure the mold never returns to your crawl space. To do this, we may install dehumidifiers to keep moisture out of the air. We may also install additional ventilation if needed. Finally, we may install a moisture barrier that can include liners running along the walls and piers to ensure your crawl space remains moisture-free and mold-free.

Do Not Rely on Just Any Service to Provide Crawl Space Mold Treatment

Trust the experts at All Pro Restoration for thorough mold inspection, mold removal, and assurance to rid your crawl space of all mold to keep it from coming back in the future. Call us at 1-720-729-0002, text us at 1-855-716-0428, or contact us online today! Let All Pro Restoration resolve your crawl space moisture issues today!