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00:49 15 Feb 24
Dan SwansonDan Swanson
15:37 15 Jan 24
Debbie BornDebbie Born
18:27 12 Jan 24
Victor and Jonathan handled the mold remediation in our attic space. Both men were polite and kind. Victor was the one to go into the attic space and he was so diligent about removing all of the mold, treating the space and then adding the coating to prevent future issues. He also patiently answered my questions, wanting to be sure I understood what was being done. The two men worked well and efficiently together. We thank them for their hard work.
Sarah EshSarah Esh
22:17 04 Jan 24
They are so respectful and kind explain everything. Very professional!!
Kalpana ParekhKalpana Parekh
23:11 18 Dec 23
Very thorough and professional. I would recommend their services and know I will use their services again. Thank you All Pro Restoration.
Michael PaulMichael Paul
00:17 17 Dec 23
I had a water leak in my finished basement. All Pro Restoration, and specifically Abraham, was amazing from beginning to end. They were professional, remediated the mess, and helped me get it back to the way it was before the leak. They definitely go the extra mile. I highly recommend you hire them should you have a similar situation at your home. If you are really lucky, you will have Abraham show up. He is the best!!
michael brandtmichael brandt
16:43 02 Oct 23
Victor came by today to look at some problem areas. Explained himself in easy terms, free estimate and overall excellent customer service! Highly recommend Victor Zapata very honest!!
Laurie is an actual miracle worker. I needed an emergency last minute job, she organized the crew, evaluated the space on the same day and went in the very next day and did an above and beyond job. I honestly could cry, she is so wonderful. Her work ethic is above and beyond and I will be forever grateful to her and her crew for helping our small business on such short notice ❤️
Anthony MiesAnthony Mies
18:42 22 Sep 23
Called All Pro and several other companies for a consultation and estimate regarding mold mitigation. All Pro was the quickest to respond and highly professional. Victor showed up on time and helped me to determine that remediation was unnecessary in my specific situation. That alone spoke volumes to the character, honesty, and transparency of Victor and All Pro Restorations!!
Robert McKellRobert McKell
22:19 27 Dec 21
I had APR come out to my place because of some water damage we had, and thought we needed restoration services. Chris D. did a great job with the kitchen sink area inspection, etc. He determined that we (fortunately) did NOT have additional water damage or leaking, and so their services were not required. (we still need some remodeling done, but no demo.) So I appreciate his work, assessment, and honesty.
Arydice WilliamsArydice Williams
02:32 18 Nov 21
Aside from multiple delays or cancelations. I would like to personally thank Victor and his partner for their excellent service. Victor made me feel very comfortable with how things were to go. He was very upfront and honest about everything. Victor I thank you so much, and wish you the very best! Because of him I would recommend this company. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate him.
Ryan MitchellRyan Mitchell
19:24 10 Nov 21
I had a sewer back up in my home. Contacted all pro and had someone ready to go the same night, they even reached out to my insurance company to help push through to start the clean up. Victor was the clean up and demo person, he was very very professional the entire time explained the process with after each day. Victor did an amazing job at the clean up and keeping me informed of what steps came next. 100% would recommend All Pro went above and beyond to make a stressful situation easy to deal with.
23:39 05 Nov 21
Abraham and Preston were very professional. I like how Abraham was showing me what they look for in the walls as far as how the mositure looks behind the walls on camera. We never felt nervous as this company definitely knows what they are doing. Yeah, we had to stay in a hotel for a few days, but we trusted Abraham with the key to the condo. Abraham also kept in contact with us with pictures of progress and further information. Considering the circumstance for this work, it was pleasant. I will be using this service again in the future!
Rachel ZRachel Z
19:36 04 Nov 21
All Pro is beyond and above any service of any kind that I've ever received anywhere. They came out within hours of my call and immediately upon arrival proved their knowledge and professionalism. The following 6 days, they just proved themselves more. It was always great communication and I never had a worry. I trusted them so much that I gave Abraham the key to my condo. Which says a lot!! I'm happy we're moving back in but it kinda feels like a break up lol.


We Work With

All Pro Restoration has a great deal of experience in removing standing water from crawl space under homes. Reputable crawl space water removal companies like All Pro Restoration know how to properly remove the water from your crawl space, restore the area that has already been flooded, and lessen the chances of it ever happening again. Water in crawl space can be caused by plumbing leaks, heavy rain, or other natural causes. If you’re unsure of whether or not this issue applies to your home, it’s always safe to take preventative measures to assure you deal with this excess water in time. Leaving standing water in your crawl space can have negative issues on the structural damage of your home. In addition, mold growth can be a product of the excess moisture levels caused by the standing water in crawl space. Musty odors can be a tell tale sign that there’s an issue, but don’t wait to find out. Mold growth and water damage can negatively impact indoor air quality, cause structural damage to the home, and be harmful to you and your family’s health. Learn what All Pro Restoration can do to save your crawl space from moisture and keep it out in the future.

Specialized Equipment and Cleaning Techniques

Even the most daring do-it-yourself-er will be challenged to remove water from under a house, and it is not recommended that anyone tries. It takes both special skill backed by science and specialized equipment to properly drain the water from a crawl space. An accredited and experienced crawl space water removal company like All Pro Restoration has the knowledge and tools to achieve this. This specialized equipment includes the highest-quality blowers, air movers, wood floor drying systems, and sub-floor drying equipment.

More Than Just Removing the Water

To properly restore a crawl space flooded by water, it takes more than just removing the water itself. If the water has been there for any length of time, chances are high that the area has to be properly dried, cleaned, and stabilized to ensure the area is dry, free of mold, and unlikely to suffer such damage again.

To properly dry a crawl space filled with water, industry-grade extractors, sub-floor drying tools, and wood floor drying systems need to be used, as a standard home vacuum does not have the suction power or capacity to handle that much water or provide that much drying ability.

All parts of the home that were affected by the flood need to be removed. This includes carpeting, drywall, and insulation that was flooded. This will allow the area to totally dry and not be susceptible to mold that can be dangerous to all who live in the home. Dehumidification techniques will also be employed to ensure the area and the surrounding air is dry to prevent mold growth.

Sanitation is also needed when it comes to the areas affected by water damage. This is to ensure that no mold, bacteria, or toxins are left behind to cause harm to you and your family in the future.


After all of the clean-up, Dehumidification, and sanitization, crawl space water damage restoration is needed to restore your home to its pre-existing condition before the water damage occurs. This varies based on the severity of the damage. Sometimes, only some drywall needs to be replaced; at other times, the whole subfloor needs to be removed and replaced. Whatever is needed to stabilize the home and keep the moisture from entering again, All Pro Restoration will provide this during the restoration phase.

Trust All Pro Restoration To Restore Your Home to Its Pre-Existing Condition

There are many steps that our team carefully takes when restoring your home to the condition it was in before the water damage occurred. The experts at All Pro Restoration have industry leading experience in restoring homes after severe water damage. Call us at 1-720-729-0002, text us at 1-855-716-0428, or contact us online today! Let All Pro Restoration remove the water from your crawl space and restore your home today!