Clearing Away the Smoke

Clearing Away the Smoke

Fire Extinguished

Once the fire is extinguished and the fire department has told you it is safe to return to your building, the first thing you may notice is how much smells. Even for a small fire, smoke damage can be extensive. All of your possessions may smell, and it can feel overwhelming to even begin your fire damage cleanup and restoration. All Pro Restoration can help. We provide fire and smoke damage clean up Arvada CO. Our team of competent and compassionate professionals can be there quickly to help you restart after a fire..

How Do We Decide What Can Be Restored?

One of the top questions we get from people is how we decide whether things can be restored. Honestly, as a smoke damage cleaning service there are times that we try to restore things that end up being beyond our capabilities. Generally, we assess the degree of damage and determine whether it is worth the expense and effort of trying to restore an item that is a good candidate for replacement. However, we also understand that the things we are restoring may be a job to us, but they are parts of your life to you. If you have a damaged item with special meaning and want us to try to restore it, please bring it to our attention. In fact, it is this human touch that has made us one of the Arvada area’s top restoration companies. We understand that every project we visit means devastation to our clients. We work hard to help you rebuild and we treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve during a challenging time.

Why Fire Damage Is Overwhelming

When we think of fire damage, we often think of what the fire directly consumes. In reality, most things that are burned in a fire are not going to be restored. Instead, they will be replaced as part of the fire and smoke damage restoration process. Instead, it is surfaces and items that were not directly damaged by the fire that are cleaned during fire damage restoration.

Fire damage repair and restoration may involve cutting out walls, gutting rooms, and even removing things like insulation. In fact, insulation is one of the things we commonly remove. Not only does it absorb a tremendous amount of water during the fire extinguishing process, but it can also hold and release dangerous smoke and chemicals after a fire

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While wildfires are less common in Arvada compared to some areas of Colorado, there’s always a risk of fire emergencies in your home. Electrical malfunctions, cooking mishaps, and unattended candles are all potential fire hazards. Having a working fire extinguisher readily available and practicing a home fire escape plan with your family can be life-saving in the event of a fire. Here at All Pro Restoration, we understand the emotional and physical toll fire damage can take. We offer comprehensive fire and smoke damage restoration services to restore your Arvada property and help you recover quickly.

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