Fire Damage Restoration, Cleanup, and Repair for Denver and the Surrounding Areas

Fire Damage Restoration

Unless you have personal experience with a fire, you may think of fire damage as burns and smoke damage. However, even small fires can come with the risk of significant water or chemical damage because of the materials firefighters use to extinguish the flames. Even if the fire is contained to a small area, put out quickly, and does not make the house dangerous to inhabit, fire damage restoration can be a challenging task!

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Fire Damage Restoration

What Is Fire Restoration?

Fire damage repair and restoration refers to a range of things that we do to clean up damage from a fire. What it involves depends on the type and extent of damage that you suffered. Fire cleanup services are not limited to things that were damaged directly by flames, but also includes cleaning up things that may have smoke or water damage. The process can take hours, days, or weeks, depending on what all needs to be replaced. However, the goal of emergency response is immediate restoration so that you can use your home while waiting for other repair.

What Do Fire Clean Up Services Include?

Fire damage cleanup and restoration includes things like:

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is a huge part of fire damage. Smoke not only clings to hard surfaces but can also invade soft surfaces. Rapidly response increases the likelihood that the right tools and chemicals can remove smoke damage from a home’s surfaces. We restore what we can, but also inform you when we do not believe items can be preserved, which can expedite your insurance claim process.

Fire Damage Restoration
Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration Denver CO

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