Fire Damage Cleanup Lakewood

After the fire is put out and its destruction is over, you may be left with a huge mess. In fact, even small fires can require cleaning and impacted areas can go well beyond the area of the fire. That is because much of the damage from the fire is due to smoke. You may also be dealing with water or chemical damage from efforts to extinguish the fire. Let All Pro Restoration handle your fire damage cleanup Lakewood CO.

Why Choose All Pro for Your Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire and smoke damage restoration requires a high level of skill. Restoration experts need to know the right techniques to use to clean different surfaces. They also need the skill and experience to be able to assess which items can be restored and which items cannot. At All Pro, our fire damage repair and restoration technicians are experienced professionals who can quickly assess what your project will entail, so they can begin without delay.
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Handle the Dirty Work

What Does Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Entail?

That answer depends on each individual project site. Almost all fires have smoke and smoot damage. Obviously, cleanup and repair will include removing smoot and smoke from surfaces, including soft surface smoke damage cleaning service. However, fire clean up services can include everything from removal of damaged furniture, appliances, walls, and other household items to ensuring that your vents have been cleaned..

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If you are overwhelmed in the aftermath of a fire, you do not have to do it alone. Call All Pro. We will dispatch a team to give you a free estimate and help you begin the process of fire remediation.