How To Prevent Supply Line Leaks?

How To Prevent Supply Line Leaks

Water damage from supply line leak on fridge.

How To Prevent Supply Line Leaks, Supply line leaks can be a costly and hazardous problem. The supply lines are the part of your water system that brings water into your plumbing appliances; i.e. washer, toilet, sinks, freezer, etc… According to USAA, a homeowner’s insurance company for militaries, their families, and their decedents, problems with water supply lines can result in some of the highest costs for homeowners, often with the costs meeting or exceeding $8,000.

It is no mystery why this type of damage can be so expensive. When these pipes have leaks or even burst, it can be difficult to stop the flow of water without shutting off the water main to the entire house. As one can imagine, the amount of water that can potentially leak is enormous. This water can damage the foundation of the home, cause mold problems, ruin entire finished living spaces, and more. Below we will discuss the best way to prevent these types of incidents and expenses.

Pay attention to the type of supply line

The most simple solution to avoiding unnecessary water damage is to ensure that all your supply lines are made of braided steel. Supply lines come in copper, plastics, PEX tubing and braided steel. While copper and plastics might seem to be an appealing option, in reality they tend to not last as long or be as sturdy as braided steel supply lines. Plastics often do not have the strength of braided steel, while copper can lead to problems such as electrolysis when in regular contact with the galvanized piping. When this happens, the likelihood of the copper portion of the line failing becomes increasingly more likely. Braided steel can help eliminate these common problems and create a more secure water supply line, offering peace of mind and security for homeowners like yourself.

Ask your family or local plumber/plumbing company if they will offer any kind of bundle or package deal for switching all the household supply lines from copper or plastic to braided steel. If you have a plumber replace all the supply lines in the house at once, they may be able to provide a discount or a discount on another service you may require.

Become familiar with your supply lines

Once you have taken the precaution of ensuring that your water supply line has been replaced with braided steel, you should still familiarize yourself with your water supply lines; where they are, where the shut-off knobs are, how old each supply line is, etc. This will help minimize damage should any problems ever occur. Replacing with braided steel does not a guarantee prevention for water damage, but it is a good, affordable “insurance policy” that at least gives you better odds. Make sure that you and everyone else in your household knows where the valves are to shut off each individual water supply line should any leak ever be discovered. Supply line leaks can do a lot of damage very quickly. It is imperative that the water be shut off as soon as possible to minimize the potential damage.

Know what to look for

Everyone in the home should also know what to look for that might indicate a potential leak. For example, the home should be regularly checked for signs of leaks in the ceilings, signs of rust, wet carpet, unexplained water on the floor, sounds of dripping in the walls, or water bills that seem excessively high. All of these various signs could indicate a potential problem with a supply line and should be investigated immediately. The sooner water damage is addressed, the less damage it causes. Those who live in areas where the temperature regularly dips below freezing should also make sure that their exposed pipes are insulated to avoid the pipes freezing, which can also easily cause a burst pipe.

A water pipe leaking or bursting is an emergency. The cost of the potential damages combined with the inconvenience of having to repair the problem and disruptions to the water supply can be an enormous source of stress for homeowners. Fortunately, taking preventive measures can help homeowners avoid these types of difficulties. Follow the above advice to get started securing your home. .

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