How to Recognize the Most Common Signs of Water Damage

How to Recognize the Most Common Signs of Water Damage?

Homes are vulnerable to various types of damage, including water damage and the mold that can result from untreated water saturation. Certain types of mold growth can cause health problems. Therefore, it is important to recognize the signs of water damage and have it addressed before the issue becomes more serious. Delayed water damage repair or restoration can become a health hazard and also result in higher monetary costs down the road. At All Pro Restoration, our team knows how to quickly resolve issues involving water damage and mold growth infestation for customers in Denver, Aurora, and the surrounding areas.

Identifying warning signs of water damage is sometimes easy and other times more challenging. Below are some indications to look for when checking for water damage.

1. Bubbling, Cracking, or Flaking

If you notice paint or drywall on your walls or ceilings beginning to bubble, crack, or flake, then you may have discovered water damage. Our team can help identify which porous materials your home needs to avoid water damage and mold spore growth.

2. Wet or Dark Spots

Watch out for discoloration on the walls (interior and exterior) and the ceiling. If you see watermarks or water stains, you have found a sign of excess water damage.

3. Dripping or Running Water Sound

Even if you are unable to see the puddle of water damage or excess moisture, you may hear it in the form of a dripping sound, running or rushing water, or a creaking floor. The source of moisture may not always be obvious in your interior or exterior walls, but water noise can often indicate hidden structural damage.

4. Pooling Water

Leaking pipes and continual drips can result in the pooling of water. If you have removed a pool of water and it forms once again, you may have a water leak somewhere and water damage.

5. Damp, Musty, or Moldy Odor

A damp or moldy smell may indicate water damage. There is a noticeable musty odor to dampness and often includes the smell of mold, which means water damage is present.

6. Higher Utility Bills

If your water bill has surged recently, this alone may be the sign of a leak somewhere and potentially, water damage.

If you find water damage from any of the above indicators, it may be time to contact a water damage restoration professional. Mold damage and mold exposure are a thing of the past, thanks to water damage restoration companies, such as All Pro Restoration, in Denver, Colorado. There may not always be obvious signs of extensive damage, such as gallons of water or visible household mold, but by understanding the correct conditions of your home, you can keep unwanted moisture from causing damage.

For more information about how our team can restore areas of your home that show evidence of water damage and excessive moisture, give us a call today at 720.729.0002 or drop us a message through our contact form.

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