Covid-19 Cleaning: Extra Deep Cleaning for Extra Peace of Mind

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From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been told how important good hygiene is to helping slow to stop the spread of the disease. However, you may have wondered how effective household and commercial cleaners and a regular cleaning regime are at killing the COVID-19 virus. All Pro Restoration provides professional Covid 19 cleaning service Arvada CO.

COVID-19 Can Live on Surfaces for Over a Week

While knowledge about COVID-19 is constantly evolving, what we do know is that COVID-19 can live on surfaces for over a week and can be airborne for extended periods of time. Regular sanitizing and disinfecting services may not be enough to battle the virus. However, how do you know if a covid cleaning company can really provide you with extra benefits.

Rely on All Pro

All Pro Restoration has added covid cleaning services to our menu of high-quality restoration services. We provide residential covid cleaning and covid office cleaning. We use the same customer service and quality standards that we bring to our other restoration services. We use the only commercial grade cleaning product that has been approved to kill the COVID 19 virus.

We are an essential business.
We are masked for your safety.
We social distance to protect you.
Microbial certified technicians on staff.

Deep Cleaning or Maintenance Cleaning

If you have had a known COVID-19 exposure in your workplace or have had a family member with COVID-19 in your household, you may want covid deep cleaning surfaces. We carefully clean and disinfect the surfaces in your home, so that you can feel confident you are starting out with a clean slate. We can then provide regular covid 19 cleaning company services to maintain that level of clean and reduce your risk of virus transmission.

Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup