COVID Cleaning

All Pro Restoration offers service for a large area of Colorado. Some of the cites we service include:

COVID Cleaning Services

Doing Our Part to Defeat Disease in Denver

Can we be real for a second? This COVID-19 pandemic scares us. Like most people, we have loved ones who are too young to get vaccinated and watching the spread of Delta and other variants has us worried about them. That is why we decided to offer covid cleaning services Denver CO. We know clean and expanding our sanitizing and disinfecting services to help battle the pandemic was the logical choice for us.

COVID Cleaning

What Are Covid Cleaning Services?

Many people do not understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. A covid cleaning company has to do more than just clean your home or office. Cleaners are designed to remove dirt, grease, and other particles. However, cleaners do not kill viruses, bacteria, or other microbes. To attack them, we need to employ sanitizers and disinfectants. Of course, many products are dual-purpose and offer cleaning and disinfection in one. At All Pro Restoration, we use the only commercial grade cleaning product that has been approved to kill the COVID 19 virus in both our covid office cleaning and our residential covid cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Covid deep cleaning services are the usual choice when there has been a known COVID-19 exposure or a person in the home with COVID. We thoroughly clean the location, use disinfectants on hard surfaces, and thoroughly disperse sanitizers to tackle lingering pathogens. The result is a clean and safe environment, which lets you start a reset button on your COVID-10 vigilance routine.

Routine Cleaning

Some customers want to hire a covid 19 cleaning company to reduce the likelihood of transmission in their workplace. Routine covid cleaning focuses on high-touch surfaces where the risk of transmission is high. We can also apply sanitizers that disperse throughout a room, killing pathogens on hard and soft surfaces.