Lead Testing

Facts & Health Effects of Lead

Lead Testing

Jim Jonson, Abraham Zapata & Laurie Coffel, All Pro Restoration’s Certified Building Inspectors for Asbestos & Lead

In-house Lead Inspections & Testing

Lead is a toxic metal that was used in buildings commonly before the last couple of decades. It may be found in paint or sometimes other building materials, and can seep into the water through lead pipes, which is dangerous for your health. Exposure to lead can lead to adverse health effects including seizures, disabilities, learning or behavioral problems, and more. Children are most at risk for these effects. It is important that if you suspect lead in your home, air, or water that you contact All-Pro Restoration immediately for testing and inspection.

Lead paint is currently banned by the federal government since 1978 and some states even earlier. However, homes built before this time are at risk of having lead as part of their structure.

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