Non Salvage Inventory

Non Salvage Inventory
Non Salvage Inventory

Non Salvaged

Not everything in my house could be salvaged but my insurance wants a list.
While the insurance company does require that we try and salvage as much of your home and your personal belongings as possible, there are many times that it simply is not cost
effective to do so. Therefore, your insurance will request a list of items that were not salvaged so they can provide you with reimbursement for those items. This is called the Non-Salvage Inventory. Non-Salvage Inventory is a service that All-Pro Restoration provides.

Part of taking you from disaster to delivery is helping you sort out what items in your home, after your fire, water, mold, trauma, or biohazard cleanup, can be salvaged and which cannot. Our team of professionals will sort, photograph, document and dispose of your contents that cannot be restored. We upload all of this into a program that can generate a report for your adjuster of what you need reimbursement for.

Please keep in mind that sometimes the insurance may still request pricing from you of what you paid for the items, or it might cost to replace those items. We are unable to provide pricing information, but we can provide you the list of the non-salvage inventory that you can then put a price to the items for your insurance!

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