Odor Control

I have odor from mold, cigarettes or animals. How do I get rid of it?

Odors are everywhere in our lives and our homes. Whether it’s a dirty gym bag, rotten food in the garbage or even those dreaded stinky diapers! However, the services you will most like be looking for from us will be musty smells, cigarette odor or animal/pet odors.

Odor Control
Odor Control

Musty Smells

Musty smells are usually an indicator of mold and should be handled using precaution. Some things to consider are: – Have you had a recent intrusion of water? – Is your bathroom properly vented for humidity? – Did your child or animal spill water somewhere? If you have a musty smell in your home, we recommend you visit our Mold Remediation page or call us for more information on removing mold!

Cigarette Odors

Many times, when buying a new home or a new condo, it could have a residual odor from
previous owners that may have smoked. If you need to have these odors removed, our
cleaning products, ozone treatments and hydroxyl treatments can be the answer. Let us
help you get your odor under control and bearable. Call us to today for a free assessment of
your cigarette smoke damage.

Odor Control

Animal/Pet Odors

Cats and dogs are the biggest culprits for leaving behind animal odors that need cleaning. Often time the recommendation can be a combination of services to properly alleviate the smell. Carpet cleaning is not typically the best recommendation as it cannot clean the penetrating smell out of the carpet pad. If you are struggling with animal odors, let our team of professionals at All Pro Restoration help you find the right course of action and get your odor under control today.

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