Ozone or Hydroxyl Treatments

Someone told me to find an ozone machine to treat the smells in my home.

Ozone and hydroxyl machines are used at a step in the odor control process. Each situation will warrant  different solution to the problem. Some situations warrant ozone control for one 12-hour period, others several days. Some situations are less severe and require the use of hydroxyl treatments that are safe for humans but may take 2-3 times longer. Call All Pro Restoration today to determine if you need ozone treatment or hydroxyl treatment for your odor control needs.

Ozone or Hydroxyl Treatments

Ozone Treatment

Ozone had to be used carefully and is not safe for humans or animals to be around. When ozone treatment is recommended, we also need all occupants of the home to vacate for a minimum 12 hours after the treatment recommendation. This could be anywhere from 1-5 days, depending on the severity of the situation. Ozone, if not properly used, can damage fabrics, elastics, humans and animals. For the safety of your family, do not attempt ozone treatment of your home on your own, without a professional! Call us today.

Hydroxyl Treatment

Hydroxyl treatments are much less damaging and much more safe for humans, animals and household items. It generally takes 2-3 times longer than ozone but does not require the family or household to vacate in the process. Hydroxyl treatments can be used for all kinds of odor control and it is best to let the professionals determine which treatment is the best for your odor control. Call our team of professionals at All Pro Restoration today to get a free assessment of your odor control needs.

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