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In Wheat Ridge, CO, plus other Denver Metro Area counties, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) revoked its countywide mask order, which became effective from May 2021.

Under the current requirements, the fully vaccinated person can go without masks in any setting, except the one requiring otherwise, for example, in government offices and some businesses. They should also observe other safety protocols like cleaning and disinfecting high-risk surfaces because the COVID-19 virus can last for over six days on any surface.

The unvaccinated residents plus those who aren’t fully vaccinated aging eleven and above should continue wearing masks and observe other safety protocols while in high-risk settings, including disinfection, sterilization, and cleanup. Hence, at All Pro restoration services, we offer professional disinfection services to control the disease. Keep on reading to understand more about our Infectious Disease Cleanup Wheat Ridge services.

The Difference Between Cleaning Sanitizing and Disinfection

Cleaning; removing crumbs, dirt, dust, plus germs from objects and surfaces. To clean, we use detergent and water to scrub and clean off your surfaces, be it in school or on your residence in the Denver white ridge, Colorado area. That helps in disease control of the infectious diseases leading to reduced germs left to spread infections. Disinfecting; is using disinfectants and chemicals to disinfect any infected objects and surfaces in your area. At All Pro Restoration, we offer disinfectant services using common disinfectants like alcohol and bleach, leaving the disinfectant on the infected surface for some time to kill the viruses. The difference between cleaning and disinfecting is disinfection doesn’t necessarily remove germs or clean dirty surfaces. Sanitizing means either disinfecting or cleaning dirty surfaces or both. It’s lowering the viral load on the surface to safe levels. A safe level depends on the standards of public health or the criteria you’ve set in your residential region, school, workplace, etc. That’s why you can trust All pro restoration services because we offer you the best sanitizers, detergent, and disinfecting agents, plus disinfection services throughout the Colorado Denver white ridge and surrounding regions.

All-Pro Restoration Company’s Cleaning Recommendations

Consider All-Pro an essential business since we’re an infectious disease sanitization and cleanup company. Hence, no matter the virus, germs, or bacteria outbreak currently ravaging your place; we’re here for you in Wheat Ridge, CO, offering 24/7 care and cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Unfortunately, many non-essential enterprises have closed down. We’re prepared to provide you Infectious Disease Cleanup Wheat Ridge services. How? We use top-rated industrial-strength detergents and disinfectants, plus our workers use Personal protective equipment that keeps them protected and safe from any germs. You can get cleaning services in white ridge co by contacting our COVID-19 cleaning company in wheat ridge for more info and scheduling convenient appointments.

We, therefore, recommend that as you clean, use PPEs to be safe during the process. Also, adhere to other safety protocols like avoiding direct contact and acquire the proper training to keep yourself safe from Covid-19. The dangerous pathogens will prevail if you don’t use appropriate detergents and disinfectants recommended by the public health department


Tips For Disinfection Infectious Diseases by All-Pro Professionals

The novel Coronavirus is an ongoing worldwide hazard, and the good news is we can offer effective sanitization, cleaning, and disinfection solutions for your property. While we can do that, we also protect against more conditions and germs. Did you know that in 2016 the Center for Disease Control reported over 16 million medical visits for other infectious diseases? Those diseases include infectious diseases like the Influenza virus, Swine flu, Clostridium difficile hepatitis, Candida Auris, etc., and they’re transmitted through contaminated objects, foods, while others are airborne. That’s why you must find a cleanup company that disinfects infectious diseases plus COVID-19 in white ridge CO that understands and effectively identifies the possible contaminants, plus offering COVID-19 cleaning and cleaning services safely and efficiently. Our professionals are ready to eliminate all airborne and bloodborne pathogens at All-Pro and are prepared to handle all lingering diseases in your residence in white co.

All-Pro Cleaning Products Effective Against Covid-19

All pro professionals can access every place in Wheat ridge co and surrounding regions. We provide our infectious disease cleanup services to homes, service industries, commercial premises, offices, and office buildings. Also, we clean malls, nursing homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, locker rooms, theaters, stadiums, etc.

Our cleaning products include the best industrial-strength disinfectants and detergents with a guarantee of efficiency and effectiveness. We use the commercial-grade cleaning product that’s approved to clean and disinfect the COVID-19 virusAs the professionals carry out the cleaning and disinfection process, we use Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to protect our team. Therefore, to get a Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection service in Wheat Ridge, CO, contact our company for info and schedule an appointment convenient for you.

All-Pro Cleaning Products Effective Against Covid-19

To clean for safety, especially with a COVID-19 patient, often scrub high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, handles, tables, countertops, and light switches daily and after you have visitors to your residence.

In case other surfaces in your residence are visibly dirty, clean them regularly as you require. Wash the surfaces regularly, primarily if people in your family comprises small children or an older adult. Also, consider disinfecting through All pro professionals.


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For safety, especially with those non vaccinated individual residents in Wheat Ridge, CO and surrounding regions, consider regular electrostatic disinfection and cleaning to prevent and keep your family and yourself safe from coronavirus.

Therefore, when you require deep cleaning and disinfecting solutions for your home, commercial business, office, hotel, stadium, etc., against infectious diseases like influenza or coronavirus, give us a call at (720) 729-0002 All-Pro, and we’re 24 hours available for you. Happy cleaning!

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Protecting the health and safety of your Wheat Ridge home and family is our top priority. If facing COVID-19, the flu, or another infectious disease, proper disinfection is essential. Our certified technicians utilize hospital-grade disinfectants to thoroughly sanitize your property, ensuring a safe environment.

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