Textile Restoration

Textile restoration involves the restoration of textile items once damaged due to water, smoke, or fire, back to their original, pre-loss condition. Textiles are items manufactured with some sort of fiber, whether natural or artificial. Examples of textiles include fabric materials such as cotton, polyester, and others. At All Pro Restoration, a leader among textile restoration companies, we specialize in restoring textile, fabrics, and clothing, after a disaster.

Our Textile Restoration Services

Our team works thoroughly to restore textiles from accidental damage caused by water, mold, and more back to their pre-loss condition using specialized equipment, wet cleaning and dry cleaning techniques. The types of items we are able to restore include formal and casual clothing, dresses, purses, shoes, bedding, drapery, rugs, pillows, uniforms, hats, belts, flags, stuffed animals, upholstered furniture, embroidered textiles, and more! Our work is not simply to restore textiles, but to restore the items that bring you comfort.

Our textile restoration specialists act fast to begin the cleaning process, where they clean, deodorize, and disinfect items based on the level of damage they have sustained and the type of textile that has been damaged.

We coordinate with contractors, homeowners, business owners, insurance companies, and insurance adjusters to restore textiles, determining the best treatment option to make them useful for you and your loved ones, once again. We are dedicated to serving our customers or their agents with fast, high-quality, and compassionate textile conservation services that remove contamination that causes harm to humans and reverse the damage.

When you need your textile items restored to pre-loss condition, look no further than our team at All Pro Restoration with extensive combined experience to get the job done right every time. We’ll guide you through the restoration process, including help with your claim process.

Contact Us for Textile Restoration Services

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