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The Benefits of Hiring a Smoke Damage Repair Company

Smoke damage can affect indoor air quality, damage furniture, and make your home less habitable. Smoke particles move with air and easily cling to walls, windows, clothing, personal items, drapes, and any space within the ductwork. House fires are a leading cause of smoke damage. Other culprits are burning waste outside, a wildfire in the neighborhood, automotive, and cigarette smoke.

Smoke not only leaves behind an awful smell but stubborn residue and harmful chemicals. Some of the dangerous chemicals in smoke include benzene, toluene, sulfur dioxide, PAHs, acid gases, and aldehydes, depending on what is burning. Smoke exposure has damaging health effects, especially on infants, the elderly, and people with asthma. In addition, the effects of smoke inhalation may last for a few days, even after cleaning up the affected area.

After major fire damage, it is advisable to immediately hire a fire damage restoration professional to clean up the soot residue, deodorize your home, and remove any stains before they cause extensive damage to structural materials, fittings, and personal belongings. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a professional smoke repair company.

Fire Damage Repairs To Prevent Further Damage

Putting out a fire is easy, but getting rid of the fire smoke requires an experienced professional. The residue can remain invisible to the eyes until the acid starts eating into the contents of your house, leading to permanent damage. Smoke odors also enter into tiny cracks and crevices. Unless you engage smoke damage restoration professionals, you may never know there’s a problem. In addition, fire extinguishers leave a trail of water damage in your house. The service water used to extinguish fires causes water damage in your house and can ruin your documents, wooden structures, and even walls.

A fire remediation company has the right equipment to clean up after fires, remove all the water from the building, and dry up your entire house. During the restoration process, the technicians will salvage any personal stuff and home fittings that are still in good shape. They will use specialized equipment to remove smoke and soot in hard-to-reach spaces then do minor fire damage repairs before allowing you back into the house.

Swift fire damage restoration service

Fire and smoke damage can keep you off your home for months while causing you many sleepless nights. However, fire damage restoration professionals can help evacuate you temporarily as they prepare your home for occupation after a disaster. Depending on the level of fire damage incurred, the fire restoration process may require deep cleaning, repairs, and replacement of various home items. Below are the common types of smoke damage:

  • Wet smoke: It’s caused by burning plastic or rubber and produces black soot that stains everything it touches. You need special equipment to restore the affected surfaces.
  • Protein residue: This is produced in the kitchen. Because it’s hard to see or smell the soot, it can leave permanent stains on surfaces if it remains untouched for long.
  • Dry smoke: This type comes from burning wood or paper, leaving a light powdery substance on the surfaces it touches.
  • Petroleum residue: It’s a by-product of burning gasoline and leaves a sticky, heavy residue that could permanently destroy your clothing, furniture, and surfaces.

A smoke and fire repair professional will remove and clean the affected items before returning them once they are completely dry. They will also do deep cleaning of affected areas to remove soot and debris from the ceiling, ducts, vents, and walls. After cleaning, this person will deodorize the entire house to restore it to its pre-fire state. While it is easy to remove smoke smell using DIY baking soda, smoke odor removal and cleaning of fire-damaged property can be time-consuming. The process also requires specialized cleaning products that might only be available to professional fire damage restoration companies.

Smoke damage worsens with time, and the longer it stays, the more costly it becomes to restore the affected property. A professional understands that the fire damage restoration process is an emergency service and springs to action to rid your home of soot and smoke smell before it causes more damage. However, you may take longer to go back to your home depending on the level of fire damage incurred and the number of repairs needed on the property

Thorough home inspection

After fire damage, your insurance company will send a team of professionals to inspect the property to determine the claim compensation. Their team may take long before completing the inspection, but the local fire damage restoration company can help you with the process. When you make that initial call to request fire damage restoration services, the fire damage restoration company will dispatch an emergency services team to launch a thorough inspection.

The fire smoke damage pre-assessment process involves:

  1. Roof inspection
  2. Inspection of the windows
  3. Inspection of the heating and plumbing system
  4. Inspection of the interior wall structure
  5. Instruction of the structural support beams
  6. Siding, stucco, and concrete inspection

The restoration company ensures there are no active flames and hidden fire damage on your property, while also checking the sources of the smoke damage for immediate repairs. Smoke damage professionals have a wealth of experience in fire restoration experience. They use it to identify the cause of the fire, soot, and smoke, which are then properly documented for your insurance company. Best of all, their work culminates in a free estimate of the restoration services you require to restore your home after fire smoke damage.

After examining the extent of damage on the property, they then come up with a damage restoration plan that they share with the insurer for compensation. Such a plan helps the cleaning team know which professional equipment to use to prevent more damage. Finally, after the damage restoration process is done, the inspection team will do a final inspection to ensure that the property is back to its pre-damage status.

Eliminate smoke odors after fire damage

Walk into a building filled with billows of smoke after fire damage and you will suddenly start sneezing, coughing, and even crying involuntarily. These are the effects of inhaling smoke. Smoke particles settle on all porous materials in your house including clothing, personal belongings, and cracks on the wall. They also travel to the lungs where they cause inflammations. Even if you don’t experience the negative effects of smoke inhalation, you will not miss the lingering odors of fire smoke damage.  It could emanate from places you least expect, and homemade smoke smell removal agents such as baking soda are of no use.

Smoke is worse than a simple bad odor in the house, and it takes only highly trained fire damage restoration professionals to remove the burning smell from the house. Professional fire restoration companies have the right products to help with fast smoke odor removal to rid your fire damaged property of the horrible smells.

Schedule a Smoke Damage Restoration

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