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“I had a water leak in my finished basement. All Pro Restoration, and specifically Abraham, was amazing from beginning to end. They were professional, remediated the mess, and helped me get it back to the way it was before the leak. They definitely go the extra mile. I highly recommend you hire them should you have a similar situation at your home. If you are really lucky, you will have Abraham show up. He is the best!!“- Michael P.

We Get Rid of the Water, the Sewage, and the Mold​

Whatever type of water damage you are experiencing, All Pro Restoration should be your choice for water damage repair in Aurora CO. We can help you in the immediate aftermath of the flood with emergency flood cleanup and water removal services. 

Flood Damage Restoration

Many people think of floods when they think of water damage. Whether you have a flood from outside water or from a leaking appliance, we can provide you with the flood damage restoration services you need. We are one of the top flooded basement cleanup companies Aurora CO, and we not only handle the emergency water removal, but can also handle remediation of the flood conditions under certain circumstances.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

With our 24/7 dispatchers able to get a crew to your home in 90 minutes, we can provide emergency water restoration services anywhere in Aurora CO. Immediate restoration can help you avoid more serious water damage and can prevent mold from growing.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage backups are as damaging as flooding and often more unpleasant. Sewer water can originate from various sources, including basement drains, shower pipes, sinks, toilets, and washer drains. Even if the water appears clean, it can be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Sewage damage can range from minimal to catastrophic, affecting large areas such as basements or bathrooms. Professional sewage removal and cleanup are necessary to mitigate health risks and further damage. All Pro Restoration in Aurora is available 24/7 for sewage removal and water damage restoration, ensuring your home is safe and clean.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storms in Aurora CO can cause significant damage to your property, including basement flood damage and leaking roofs. Hail storms, flash floods, and over-saturated grounds can all contribute to storm damage, sometimes overwhelming city sewer systems and causing sewer water backups.

If storm damage has allowed water intrusion into your home, stay calm and contact our professional technicians for storm damage restoration. Our team is equipped to handle all types of storm-related water damage efficiently.

Broken and Frozen Burst Pipe Cleanup Services

Winter temperatures increase the risk of pipes bursting due to freezing. When water inside a pipe freezes, it expands and can break the pipe walls, leading to significant water damage once the water thaws. At All Pro Restoration, we specialize in cleanup for broken and frozen burst pipes in Aurora, using advanced tools and techniques for water damage restoration and thorough drying to prevent mold growth.

If you experience flood damage involving broken, burst, or frozen pipes, contact All Pro Restoration for immediate and professional assistance.

Basement Water Damage Restoration

Flood water in a basement can quickly cause severe damage. Our team can assess the extent of the damage and determine the best methods for cleanup and restoration. We aim to stop the damage and save as many of your belongings as possible.

Severe basement flooding may require you to file a water damage insurance claim. We support you through the claims process and provide the necessary restoration services to return your basement to its original condition. Our specialized equipment and expertise help prevent additional damage and health risks from basement flooding.

Mold Remediation

In fact, preventing mold is one of the most important tasks for water damage restoration contractors. Leaving any water or damp surfaces, especially in hidden areas, can encourage the growth of dangerous molds. Commercial water damage clean up may involve using anti-fungal and anti-mold treatments designed to prevent the growth of molds. In fact, our residential water damage restoration can include inspections to ensure that mold is not growing.

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