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A catastrophic flooding disaster is often something that catches home and business owners entirely off guard. Usually, technicians find that various minor issues were allowed to build-up in the plumbing over time until they were a much larger disaster. However, flooding can also happen completely unexpectedly due to a variety of factors. Water damage

Regardless of the cause, the fallout still leaves buildings in the Aurora area with extensive property damage that they’ll need to clean up before their homes suffer further harm. That’s where All Pro Restoration shines! We are a professional water damage restoration company in Aurora, CO, dedicated to repairing flooded buildings in the Aurora area until they are as good as new. 

With All Pro Restoration, you are guaranteed quality service by friendly and knowledgeable technicians. Our owner is Master Certified in water damage and has personally trained all of our employees to handle any job, no matter the size. 

If you’re still not convinced we’re the best for the job, take a look at our about us page and see if we’re the right company for you. 

Water Removal Services in Aurora, CO

Professional water removal services in Aurora, CO, is an essential first step in helping your property recover from severe water damage. We strongly recommend that you remove water from your home or business as soon as possible. The longer water is allowed to sit on your property, the more extensive the damage becomes and the more expensive it is to fix. 

Some people might underestimate the amount of damage water can do over an extended period. The most obvious harm is warped flooring as water eats away at it, damp carpets, and increased water bills. However, when water pools and gets into the crevices of a building, you could be dealing with more severe issues such as:

  • Swelling wood in flooring,  doors, baseboards, etc.
  • Cracks or water pockets developing in the walls
  • Dry or wet rot that weakens the structure of your property
  • Toxic molds and algae start to grow inside the walls. 

Our team at All Pro Restoration knows the stress extensive water damage puts on our customers. That’s why we strive to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to resolve the problem. We have years of experience identifying the origins of a leak; whether it’s from burst pipes, faulty water lines, or clogged drains, we’ll work round-the-clock to get your systems back in working condition.

With our years of experience and cutting-edge water extraction technologies, there’s no water damage restoration company in Aurora, CO, that’ll leave your home looking better than us.

Mold Removal Services in Aurora, CO

As part of our damage restoration services, we also provide professional mold removals for Aurora buildings affected by water damage. However, severe mold growth doesn’t need large amounts of water to occur, just a moist environment. Frequent or hidden leaks in your property create damp conditions that foster dangerous molds and algae growth. 

Developed mold releases spores into the air that anyone can breathe in, irritating the lungs. If the contamination is discovered and handled quickly, then the worst symptom you’ll get is a cough. But the longer a building’s occupants are exposed to dangerous mold spores, the worse their symptoms get.  With extended exposure, someone could develop lung disease, asthma, or even die if they have previous medical issues. 

If you suspect that you may have a problem with mold growth, the All Pro Restoration technicians are certified at mold remediation and removal. We’ll come into your residential or commercial property and perform a comprehensive examination of all the areas mold is likely to grow. Once finished with the mold removal, we sanitize the affected area and dry it out with water-extracting vacuums. 

Additionally, as a dependable water damage restoration company in Aurora, CO, our team will keep you informed of their progress and any unexpected complications. We can even provide you with expert advice on how best to avoid future mold growth. 

Flood and Sewage Cleanup Services in Aurora, CO  

As a top water damage restoration company in Aurora, CO, we also specialize in clearing away damage done by flooding or sewage backup. These spills should be dealt with as soon as possible because of the harmful bacteria and hazardous gases that raw sewage produces. Left untreated, it can be a significant detriment to your or someone else’s health and possibly cause the entire building to become a hazardous environment. 

We understand how harmful standing sewage can be to a person’s health and work to clean and restore your home as quickly as possible.  At All Pro Restoration, our flood damage restoration and sewage cleanup services will help get your property back up and running. Our team comes equipped with top-of-the-line protective gear, drying equipment, and caustic bacteria eliminating chemicals.

While DIY solutions exist for freshwater flooding, they are inefficient at handling sewage contamination. Hiring professionals reduces the risk of you or anyone else getting an infection and increases the likelihood of saving property caught in the flood.

Why Choose Us

All Pro Restoration is a company that works to provide the most effective and convenient damage restoration service in the Aurora area. Our technicians are constantly improving their skills and learning new techniques to serve our clients better. We know dealing with water damage is stressful, and we’ve specially trained our employees to provide solutions and helpful advice unique to your situation. 

We provide several other handy additions to our service to ensure our customer’s peace of mind. For one, our technicians are on call 24 hours a day in case of an emergency; we can be at your door and ready to repair the problem in no time at all. Additionally, we work directly with your insurance company, handing the bill for your property restoration to them so that you don’t have to. 

If you want the best water damage restoration company in Aurora, CO, contact us at 720-740-2657 and schedule your free estimate with All Pro Restoration today!

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