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No building plan is enough to stop a pipe from bursting, or a storm from lifting a part of the roof, or rainwater from finding its way to the basement. Our water damage experts are here to ensure that water does not damage the things you value most in your house. We use the latest equipment and do a thorough job.

What is causing water damage in your house?

Water damage can start from something as subtle as moist air in the basement, or something as devastating as a flood. Here are the major culprits behind water damage in residential and commercial buildings
1. Faulty roof: The roof is supposed to protect your house and business from environmental elements such as rain, storm, sun, snow and many others. However, harsh weather can cause your roof to give in hence letting moisture, water and heat to destroy your valuables. It could be a crack, a missing component, age or too much pressure from something such as a falling tree.

2. Fault in the drainage: Sump pumps and gutters do not always drain water as they should. Sometimes they are not installed properly, become weak with use or develop faults as they age. This makes water from the house and environment to stay inside the house or around the house, hence causing moisture problems.

3. Plumbing issues: The pipes supplying water to your house or business can also become faulty and start to leak. Those that remove dirty water from the house such as the toilet and sink systems can fail to work as expected, bringing all waste back up and causing water damage to both the building, environment and people in the building.

4. Appliance failure: Your air-conditioning system can fail, causing moisture to condense in the air, walls, windows and ceiling. If left unchecked, this can bring huge water damage to your property.

5. Poor ventilation: If the ventilation of your house is poor, the porous walls and floor will keep letting water and moisture in from the ground and environment. Eventually, it will affect the insulation on the walls, ceiling, as well as attract pests, bugs and mildew to the house.

6. Natural causes: Sometimes, you just cannot prevent water from getting into your house. Indoor flooding and storms can cause damage to your house and property, calling for emergency water damage restoration. A little rain can cause pools of water anywhere around the house, and if undetected can seep through the walls and destroy the insulation or personal items inside.

Water Damage Restoration Services In Denver

Our water damage restoration company is certified by the IIRCR and has won the trust of customers as evident in our Google reviews. All our technicians are qualified to handle storm damage, flood damage, fire damage, and sewage back up and mold removal. In addition, we offer a thorough cleanup and repairs to ensure your home or business is habitable once again.  Here is how we help residential and commercial property owners with emergency water damage:

Professional inspection

We use moisture detectors to detect leaks, any stuff that has been in contact with water as well as assess the extent of the water damage to your building. These are not always easy to detect with the naked eye or through DIY procedures.

Water extraction

Removing water from a building after an emergency flooding is not easy. However, our water damage Edgewood CO experts have the right tools to clear water from your property. We use both pumps and vacuums to help with water removal and extraction.

Mold remediation

Mold can contaminate the air you breathe leaving you with serious health issues. It is known to cause allergies that can become long-term health complications. If you notice signs of mold infestation in your building, do not attempt a self-removal. Any attempt to use DIY mold removal methods could end up spreading the spores everywhere.

Our mold removal experts will help you with this task as they restore your home.


Drying and dehumidifying When you hire our water damage restoration services in Edgewood CO, be prepared for a thorough job. We take our work seriously and do not close until all moist areas are dry. We dry the floor, carpet, furniture, walls, ceiling, drywall, clothes, and documents in an effort to salvage them. In case some are damaged beyond repair, we advise you to discard them. We also dehumidify the space to ensure there is proper circulation of fresh, healthy air..

Cleaning and sanitizing

Sewage backup is the most toxic form of water damage. Getting your home or office back to a habitable state requires proper cleaning and sanitization. In addition, in case your personal items were soaked in water or effluent, such as carpet and furniture, we do a thorough carpet cleaning and upholstery to give you the confidence to continue using them.

Restoration and repair

Our local restoration services include repair of anything that could be repaired. We are accredited by Better Business Bureau as a credible damage repair company in Edgewood CO. We work with qualified technicians to replace damaged roofs, ceilings, drywall, insulation, sewer systems, gutters as well as offer carpet cleaning and floor replacement services. Our aim is to restore your building to its original state.

What to do in case you spot signs of water damage?

Disaster does not announce itself, but fire and water damage need to be handled immediately. What looks like a small leak today will turn into thousands of toxic mold spores in the air and mildew in the basement in just a week if you don’t contact water damage restoration providers. Depending on where the leak is, it can destroy your wall to wall carpet, furniture, drywall and many other valuables in your house. It can even force you to leave your business or home for days as you wait for the restoration to be done.

Whether it is a small leak or a gushing flood, it is always advisable to get a qualified professional to help you. Here are steps you can take as you wait to get professional help

1. Turn off electricity in the affected area: Do not attempt to do anything in an affected area when the power is still on. If it is dark, use a flashlight to find your way or assess the water damage.

2. Assess the damage: Check the area to see what is happening even as the professionals make their way to help with inspection and cleanup. Take pictures in case your insurance company will need them.

3. Turn off the water in case of a pipe burst: If there is a leaking pipe, turn off the water at the main valve to stop further leaks.

4. Secure your valuables: If there are things on the floor that could be damaged by the water, such as a loose carpet, paintings, important documents or items, move them to a secure place. However, do not remove a wall-to-wall carpet on your own.

5. Wear protective gear and mop up excess water: Get your wear protective clothing and start removing it. You can either mop or vacuum it. If it is not safe, move to a safe place then call for help. Open drawers and cabinets to ensure that water does not continue accumulating inside.

6. Call a water damage repair technician: You can search for fire and water damage restoration technicians in your area. If you are in Denver, our certified technicians will respond within 24 hours. However, in case of an emergency, our response team is always ready 24 7. Our team is certified to handle water damage restoration in Edgewood CO, mold remediation in Edgewood CO among and upholstery cleaning services.

7. Contact your insurance company: Insurance covers work differently, and it is good to know if your policy covers the current repairs and restoration. They will send an expert to assess the damage and give you feedback so you can know what you need to top up for a full restoration.

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