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When your home or business has been flooded, the flooding source’s initial damage is one aspect of the cleanup and repairs to consider, but there is another factor. Sitting water can wreak even more havoc than one might expect. A small pool of water will eventually soak the flooring underneath it so thoroughly that it may be beyond repair. If a small pool can cause such damage, think about the effects of an entirely flooded basement or other water-logged room. The results can be devastating.

Denver Water Damage
Denver Water Damage

For this reason, it is integral that the water (even clean or freshwater) should be dealt with immediately. Water damage is progressive, meaning that the longer water sits, the more damage – possibly irreparable damage – it creates. Water needs to be extracted as soon as possible so that the dehumidification process can begin. Dampness and moisture can linger long after the pooled or visible water is removed, so dehumidifying the area is an essential step of the cleanup process.

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Regardless of the water damage’s scope or scale, All Pro Restoration in Denver, Colorado, can help. Our cleanup technicians specialize in detecting unseen or hard to detect water damage with state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras. All Pro Restoration’s IICRC Certified water damage technicians are experts in water removal and only use proven restoration techniques that have quick results, which is essential to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Denver Water Damage