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What are the benefits of Insurance Claims?

Many people are hesitant to file insurance claims for a wide variety of different reasons, even when it is the most best and logical step to take in a particular situation. Some people don’t want to deal with the sometimes lengthy and involved process of filing a claim in the first place and dealing with an insurance adjuster after they’ve already dealt with some type of disaster. Others are afraid that their insurance premiums will go up. Despite these very real issues, filing an insurance claim still brings with it a wide variety of different benefits that cannot be ignored.

Benefit:  The job gets done right

One of the biggest benefits of filing an insurance claim comes by way of the fact that it allows a restoration company to do their job 100% correctly thanks to having access to all of the funds required given the situation. The issue of “cost” is not a concern at all, as your insurance company is paying for the issue – regardless of the extent of the damage that you saw.What are the benefits of Insurance Claims?

Along the same lines, another benefit is that making a claim allows a restoration company to adhere to all standards that need to be followed given a situation. Not only do local building codes need to be followed when all types of restorations are performed, for example, but there are also many safety standards that need to be followed to a proverbial “T.” These standards can easily be followed without a question of cost. For more information about restoration standards, see our “Restoration Standards” page on our website.

Benefit:  Financial means are not an issue

Another major benefit of filing an insurance claim is the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that the concern of both cost and exceeding a certain dollar amount is not an issue. If it costs $5000 to fix the issue that you’re experiencing, your insurance company has you covered thanks to the claim. The same is true of a $10,000 bill, a $20,000 bill or higher.

Many people also don’t realize that unexpected additional damages may be found during the mitigation and restoration process. Filing a claim brings with it the benefit that these types of unexpected issues can be adequately addressed without needing to both stop work and receive financial approval from the homeowner. If you’re paying for restoration services out of pocket, $5,000 in additional work can be a large issue. If the funds are coming from your insurance company, all of these unexpected issues can be addressed quickly and in the best way possible.

What are the benefits of Insurance Claims?Many times after suffering some type of disaster like a fire, homeowners are very concerned with the cost. If you’re paying for the cost of restoration out of your own pocket, restoration companies are essentially limited on the services that they can provide with the money that they have available to them. After filing an insurance claim, however, restoration companies can work to the fullest extent of their natural abilities without having to worry about these types of concerns.

At the end of the day, It is important to realize that a homeowner takes out an insurance policy for a reason. It is to insure against catastrophes. You pay premiums for your entire life to guard against situations exactly like these. It would be a shame not to use that resource if you have it available – some people aren’t so lucky...

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