What Is Included in Post-Construction Cleaning

What Is Included in Post-Construction Cleaning?

After a home or business construction or renovation project, there is often a substantial mess that still remains to be cleaned up, after the construction company finishes. The project is only completely finished once the property is fully cleaned, undergoes an inspection, and is prepared for occupation. Post construction cleaning, if it is to be done properly, should be handled by professional post-construction cleaning crews, at the very end of your construction process. At All Pro Restoration we provide thorough post-construction cleanup that restores spaces back to a livable and workable condition.

Cleaning up the aftermath of a construction project is often not possible in just one pass. Often, post-construction cleaning is divided into several phases. Generally, these may include the rough clean, light clean, deep clean, final clean, and exterior clean phases.

Rough Clean

A rough cleaning should be done very soon after the construction crew has completed their work and is out of the house. Beyond ensuring there are no leftover materials or hazardous materials remaining, the rough clean stage involves removing any dirt and construction debris that is plainly visible in areas such as the living room, garage, and other main areas of the home. This includes removing unneeded construction material, dusting windows and light fixtures, removing paint stains, and washing floors and walls.

Light Clean

After the rough clean stage and the obvious clutter from the construction project is gone, it is time for some light cleaning. This is not an easy clean however. It is work intensive and involves cleaning the minor details. The light clean stage includes everything from cleaning cabinets in the kitchen to remove dust particles, washing dishes and cutlery, cleaning cupboards in bathrooms, cleaning walls, and wiping off windows and light fixtures, upholstery, and other equipment.

Deep Clean

The deep cleaning stage takes care of the dust and dirt that was spread from one location to another and remained during the rough and light cleaning stages. The process may take several days to complete depending on the size of your space. This can include dusting and wiping all items, breaking out the vacuum cleaner for carpets and upholstery, mopping and polishing floors, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and cleaning ventilator systems. This stage is a detailed cleaning, the most thorough in the post-construction cleanup and requires special cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment.

Final Clean

This is just the touch-up clean stage. This involves taking care of any remaining smudges or marks. During this final clean, the cleaning team may wipe off furniture, shelves, ceiling fans, and window ceilings with a microfiber cloth. It’s also a good idea to change your bed covers after these touch-up cleanings. These additional cleanings from professional cleaners, like at All Pro Restoration, are your peace of mind to ensure construction dust and loose debris are completely removed.

Exterior Clean

This last step, exterior cleaning, covers the outside of the home. It can include removing any garbage left by the construction team, dusting off chairs and exterior lights, cleaning doors and windows from the outside, trim cleaning, and washing the garage and other paved surfaces.

By the end of this post-renovation cleanup, it’ll be like there was never a construction site to begin with. The cleaning process may be multi-stage, but extensive cleaning is the only way to ensure all safety and cleaning requirements are met. To learn about the post-construction cleaning services we offer at All Pro Restoration, call us today at 720.729.0002 or fill out our contact form and leave us a message.

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