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What Is Post Construction Cleaning?

Any form of residential construction leaves behind a clear undesirable indication it happened. No matter how careful the construction company has been, dust will linger. This can pose a threat to your health. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Call a company that performs post construction cleaning.

Defining Post Construction Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is the task of a specialized team. The job description is relatively simple: Clean up all unwanted traces of the construction work. This refers specifically to removing dust and debris

What Post Construction Cleaning May Involve

A post-construction cleaning may involve any number of actions. The focus generically is initially on removing all signs of dust lingering throughout the home. The specifics involved in achieving this goal are:

Thorough Surface Cleaning: This includes washing down and vacuuming surfaces. Among the surfaces requiring this attention are:

Baseboards and Trim
Bathroom amenities and fixtures e. g. toilets, sinks, shower curtains, showers
Cupboards, shelves and shelving units
Door knobs and related handles
Light fixtures
Tabletops. Bookcases, etc.,
Walls and ceilings
Duct and Vent Cleaning: It is essential to remove all dust and other particles settled in the air and heating ducts to prevent them from infiltrating the entire residential space
Trash Removal

Post Construction Cleaning

After construction work is completed, dust may pervade your residence. Debris may be found. The mission of a good post-construction cleaning company is to prevent any health problems from arising and to create a safe, clean environment. .

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