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Why You Should Have A Public Adjuster

Your Insurance is Not on Your Side or Like a Good Neighbor

The insurance has an adjuster, so why shouldn’t you?

If you are being sued or suing, each party has their own lawyer. If you are buying or selling a house, each party has their own realtor.

So why shouldn’t a homeowner be represented by an adjuster that is on THEIR side when dealing with an insurance claim? The answer is you SHOULD be represented! Because your insurance DOES NOT CARE about the you being taken care of. They ONLY care about price. Some insurance companies used to care. None do anymore. It is an unfortunate fact.

The sooner a Public Adjuster gets involved on the claim, the faster they can keep the claim moving. Don’t face the insurance company alone anymore! It can be scary!


• NO out of pocket expense to the homeowner!

• The Public Adjuster gets paid BY the CLAIM, not the homeowner!

• The Public Adjuster understands policy language & can interpret it for the homeowner. • The Public Adjuster can meet the insurance adjuster FOR or WITH the homeowner. • The Public Adjuster handles all the payments, collecting payment, etc.

• The Public Adjuster work FOR the Homeowner, NOT the insurance.

• The Public Adjuster doesn’t care about the price, just that the scope is industry standard. • The Public Adjuster doesn’t demand Xactimate pricing or any kind of discount/referral.

All Pro Restoration currently recommends Jeff Kendall with Prime Public Adjusting. info@primepublicadjusting.com or 720-810-5779. He is local and he is very personable. He is also not concerned about the size of the claim. Some Public Adjusters will only handle claims over $100,000 but Jeff handles claims of any size.

This is just ONE referral. There are hundreds available to the public and can be found with a simple Google search.

You do not have to work with Jeff Kendall to work with All Pro Restoration. We simply want to make sure you feel represented if you are uncomfortable facing your insurance company alone. Their pockets are deeper than yours and we understand how intimidating that can be.

Please ask your technician, our office or any of our Department Managers for more information if you have further questions about the Public Adjuster route.

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